It’s a gas

Big money spending weekend!!!

The Fetish Fair and Fleamarket is the weekend in Warwick, Rhode Island. Every year, the New England Leather Association (NELA) puts on this convention with panels, demonstrations, information, and most prominent-VENDORS!!! So many vendors with everything from a t-shirt with a little quote to massive bondage beds and state-of-the-art wireless vibrator technology. Anything that can be uses to enhance sex in any way possible. All kinks are respected, most are represented, and everyone seems to have a good time.

At night, the private parties in the hotel room begin, with some not ending for the entire weekend. Orgasmic moans and screams, shouted commands and sobbing answers, laughter, sighs of desire…all these fill the halls of 2 or 3 floors. Never has there been an actual rape, or harmful abuse. The only actions you will find are those that give the most pleasure these individuals can possibly have. The majority of these rooms are open for viewing, since humiliation and exhibitionism are common among the lifestyle.

Every year I go with the intention of meeting people and teaching what I know to anyone who considers themselves new. I enjoy expanding the lifestyle to as many people as I can, or at least spread knowledge of the happenings. One thong comes to mind, from a speaker that is pretty well known, Lee Harington. During a story at one of the talks, there was a camp that was being used for a fetish weekend. There was one cabin, in the middle of the day, where all you could hear was a woman screaming “Please! Please no! I’ll do anything!!”. Loud slaps and bangs against the walls. The door rattling from someone trying to open it from the inside, and a deep voiced roar, “Get back here, NOW!”. You approach the door, and there is a sign stapled there, “Kidnapping and rape scene in progress, safe word is ‘safeword'”. Lee and I both agree that we are proud to be part of a lifestyle that

1: Uses signs like this at all

2: Knows how to properly and safely keep others away while having them listen for the safe word, at which point we barge in and stop/help everyone involved, and

3: signs like this are respected!.

That night at dinner, when everyone was brought together for mass-eatings, she could not stop talking about how she fantasizes about what happened, how perfect is unfolded, and how she loved the man who did that to her. It was a dream come true for her.

My pleasure is derived from giving these kinds of intense pleasures to others by offering something that is off the beaten path, no pun intended. I really want to bet into this more, but I have so much to talk about. It’ll be it’s own post. Right now, however, I gotta fill my bank account, pack some clothes…just get my shit together for an awesome weekend that only happens once a year.

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash!!



    1. The onlookers serve a few purposes. Firstly, like you said, they are there to give sense of safety, even if the sub/slave doesn’t notice it. Second, they add to the scene- either for humiliation or to make the feeling of helplessness stronger. Third, they are active witnesses, more often then not giving very positive compliments and feedback after the scene is over. Play parties, to me, can be as fun, or better then, bedroom play.
      Thanks for the comment ^^

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